Welcome to River Auctions. The fantastic fortnightly auctions that provides just about everything!  





What is River Auctions all about?


Its a great auction based in a small village hall in the village of Hoo in Kent the auction is open to everyone and offers some great items and the lowest possible prices! and its not just about the items we auction, don't forget about all the fun that comes with River Auctions like bingo,raffles and friendly staff.



What can you expect to find at River Auctions?


Every month at our auctions we have a wide range of different items such as:




.Household items



.Military equipment

.Jewellery (silver and gold)

.And much more


on average you can expect approximately 400-600 auction lots per month.

For more information on the auctions we do click here


Our commission rates


As a typical auction house we charge standard commission to all buyers but we are one of the few auctions that have fantastic rates. We are also one of the few auctions that will pay our vendors CASH the same day the items are sold. our rates are as follows:

Buyers: 10%

Vendors selling: 15%

Items brought or sold for under £5.00 will be £50p commission
Vendors "No-sales" ( items that did not sell ) will be £1.00 per lot




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